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samsung download mode service protocol source code

About Source code

samsung devices have download mode boot

this source code is fully native ,not using api and more …

Lasted updated :

  • + 2021/12/19

Written programming language:

  • c#
  • The requested language is accepted.

supported and tested models:

  • Up to last models

functions :

  • Read full information in download mode like storage type , build number and more …
  • repartition (with pit file)
  • read partitions (pit map)
  • check is odin mode
  • parsing partition table information (pit)
  • reboot from download mode to normal
  • Flash single file
  • flash manually files from tar (advanced) You can specify which file to write from within tar (it does not matter if it is lz4 or normal type)
  • flash multiple tar file
  • supported lz4 compressed

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