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samsung device download mode to brom and brom to normal algorithm

 switch your Samsung phone(mediatek chipset) from download mode to bootrom mode  !!

Also switch from bootrom mode to normal mode.

With this project, you will be able to switch any Samsung phone that has a mediatek processor from download mode to brom mode.

Well, you know about brom, right? Brom mode is present on all MediaTek processors, but depends on the device brand.
Samsung does not normally allow access to brom mode, and you need to Remove back Cover and  short test point .
Well, a lot of people might not like the Remove back Cover of the phone and the screws on their phone, we have a special solution for that.

so with our algorithm , you can switch download mode to brom , after doing anythink on your device , you can switch brom to normal mode.

This algorithm does not write static packet or binary . And performs calculations based on the data it receives from the device.

In this way, you can do bypass frp, imei repair, network unlock and anything that can be done in bootrom mode without the need for a point test.

This means that you connect the phone in download mode and you can perform your desired operations and return the phone to its normal state.


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