BlackHat Forensics [VIP] Group

BlackHat Forensics [VIP] Group

With the rise of websites and profit-seekers in the forensic software sales domain, our RE Service division has launched a VIP group on Telegram, designed as a private community.

Download Forensics tool:

In this group, you’ll find the latest cracked versions of tools from companies like Oxygen, Cellebrite, Magnet, GMDSoft, and more, available for unlimited downloads. But it’s not just limited to these companies; any software aiding in forensics will be shared here.

Queries and Assistance:

Comprising seasoned professionals in the forensic field, this group is dedicated to helping you solve issues and enrich your knowledge through daily group discussions.

You can check out the list of essential software shared by us or fellow users in the VIP group on our Telegram channel: (Posts relevant to VIP users will have “Join to VIP Group: Link” below them.)

How to Join:

Membership in this group is a one-time payment for lifetime access. Once you’re in, there’s no need for additional payments for guidance or new versions of paid software; everything is complimentary.

Payment Method:

We only accept cryptocurrency codes, usually via Bitcoin or Tether. You can view the wallet address and the amount required for payment through this link:

We Created this group not to rake in profits, but to gather a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate the value of expertise.
The small fee we ask is simply to sustain the group.
Moreover, your payment isn’t where our connection ends.
If you have insights or knowledge to share, we’re all ears and eager to learn from you.
Join us in fostering a vibrant, collaborative environment!

Accessing the Group after Payment:

After payment, privately send the transaction log to my Telegram ID. Once confirmed, you’ll be promptly added to the VIP group.

Contact ID:

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