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Freya – a beautifull tool for samsung flash with the best features


Freya is a beautifull .Net project for samsung flash Based on (

Freya is like odin for flash, Read info,repartition (Automatically) but with faster and best features


  • Read Pit
  • Repartition
  • Select the desired files from inside the package that you want to Flash on device.


Manually Select Files

In this method, you can select the files that you want to be flashed on the device. 

Auto find pit

After selecting the Tar file, Freya starts searching its contents to find the pit file, if can find , Freya can select pit package in the pit section. 

Fast Flash, Read info,Repartition

you can see your device information in flashing process also you can checked repartition option in freya 


theter TRC20 TXZ1KviFtRzEiumVD8UCH1W7etJ2vM9VsQ

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