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SAMSUNG MTK MT67xx LD0B_001 key and algorithm

in Mediatek chipset device, imei parameter region is in NVDATA partiton >LD0B_001 file

for getting IMEI Slot1 and Slo2 of mediatek device we have to parse LD0B_001 file from nvdata partition, for this operation we must have key + algorithm of this file

we already shared post about LD0B_001 for generic device, you can read about this here

so what is diffrent in SAMSUNG device

KEY of LD0B_001 SAMSAUNG device is diffrent than of Generic devices

in this solution We will send you key + source code for read and parse IMEI Slot1I, Slot1 from LD0B_001  +source code for remake LD0B_001 with your custom IMEI Number , so you can read or repair imei of device by this solution

basicly this is algorithm of NVDATANvram, just samsung devices like OPPO/XIAOMI required patch cert after imei repair (we no have this solution yet)


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