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Mediatek bootrom and preloader service protocol (Flashtool API engine)

About Source code

mediatek chipset bootrom and preloader protocol services with flashtool api engine

In this project we have invented many things and this project works much better than spflashtool.Also, the features we defined in this project never exist in spflashtool.

this project is based on flashtoollib.dll api

Lasted updated :

  • + 2021/12/19

Written programming language:

  • c#
  • The requested language is accepted.

supported and tested cpu:

  • Up to last cpu type

functions :

  1. supprted ufs,nand , emmc & up to last cpu
  2. Connect with bootrom and preloader
  3. auto bypass sla and daa (native)(no need to select chipset)
  4. Flash scatter firmware(with format all and without it).
  5. Flash dump bin (raw firmware)
  6. Read Partition tables
  7. dump (backup) manual partitions
  8. Erase Manual partitions
  9. Erase frp (auto no need to add address)
  10. safe format
  11. manual format
  12. analysis memory and storage
  13. bypass screenlock with scatter firmware (just supported android 9 and lower)
  14. read pattern lock
  15. backup, Erase nvram

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