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cheetah qualcomm diagnostic source code

Cheetah tool Qualcomm diagnostic tool source code is ready

this is best and full source code for qualcomm diagnostic for C++\QT

for some device with qualcomm chip, cannot repair imei with diagnostic, because imei parameter in qcn of device is Ready-Only , in this source code , included EFS Method for repair imei so by this feature, you can bypass easy protection of imei and repair with EFS feature

follow Test video:

Features exist:
1- Repair IMEI1,IMEI2 [EFS Method, Normal method] 2- Repair MEID, ESN
3- Write and Restore QCN
4- Read information
5- using custome SPC , PWD


screenshot of this tool:


video of how is work:

source code screenshots:

To get source code contact us:

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