Spreadtrum cpu devices imei repair protocol HDLC (C# Language)


About Source Code

with this protocol, you can repair imei devices with spreadtrum cpu in diagnostic

booting to diagnostic from flashmode is automatically

This isnot API(dll), AT Command or bla bla

This is HDLC protocol

Project written with c# (protocol isnot big class so you can write for any language if you want)


1- read device informatin like sw, hw version, build date version
2- read IMEI Number
3- Read WIFI, BT Address
4- write IMEI Slot1, Slot2, Slot3, Slot4
5- Write BT Address

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Direct bypass (cert) (Fix NV data corrupted) After repair imei in Xiaomi devices


If you are a mobile technician or tool developer, you should know that Xiaomi devices are automatically redirected to recovery mode after IMEI repair and display a NV data corrupted message!
What is the reason?
The reason for displaying this error is that the IMEI written on the device cannot be authenticated.


How to fix Fix NV data corrupted?

  • this solution is working on mediatek devices.
  • we send a solution to bypass nvdata certificate to repair in direct mode
  • in this case , you can patch cert in flashmode(da mode (prom,preloader))
  • It doesn’t matter how you restore the imei on device (for example, metamode or flashmode).

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Mediatek devices MT67xx direct imei Repair (LD0B_001)


About Source code

imei repair for mediatek device (MTK67XX) dual repair solution available

for MT65xx it’s already public long time ago, like this About MT67xx if you need for OEMs like VIVO,Huawei we can repair directly,

functions :

  • AES key to encrypt/decrypt the IMEI LID (LDB0_001).

  • POC to update nvram partition with the new IMEI the code written by some help from public kernel sources.
  • The key currently only supports MT67xx
  • No vendor specific, but for Xiaomi as I mentioned need to Patch CERT to get both new imei’s working.
  • For other OEM’s like (VIVO – HUAWEI – NOKIA) it’s ok.
  • 5G modem’s uses different encryption keys/ways not managed to get it working yet.
  • as I mentioned (reminder OPPO/XIAOMI needs to patch CERT/MODEM)

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