Mediatek Metamode Native protocol Source Code


About Source code

Mediatek chipset have metamode boot, in this project we revesed metamode boot protocol and this isnot modemmeta api 😉

this protocol is native and isnot Modem meta api

Lasted updated :

  • + 2021/12/19

Written Programming Language :

  • c#
  • The requested language is accepted.

supported and tested cpu:

  • Up to last cpu type

Functions : 

  1. boot device to meta mode from secure boot and normal brom & preloader
  2. Read All information device like cpu,build date , software version , chipset , build number, imei
  3. Read NCK,NSCK,SPCK,CCK,SIM information
  4. Repair IMEI SIM1 , SIM2

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